Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toddler Faux Pas Contest Entries/Winner!!!

These were the top 4 entries (ok, the ONLY entries!) in the Toddler Faux Pas Contest:

#4 BLUEBERRIES from Heather
This entry is actually a repost from Heather's blog It's a really cute video of her son upset because he's out of blueberries. I've never seen a toddler so in touch with his feelings. Good faux pas, but it just wasn't a big enough melt-down to win the prize!

#3 KETCHUP from Renee
It is a faux pas to try to convince your toddler that ketchup does not taste good on apples. Your toddler will look at you like you are insane because ketchup tastes good on EVERYTHING. At least that's what my daughter thought when she was a toddler--and still thinks now that she's almost three :)

Never try to discipline your toddler when you're trying the let-run-around-naked-to-see-if-we-can-potty-train-you routine. It's bad news. I tried it today and got peed on with a full bladder juice and water from a little girl that insisted she couldn't go just minutes before. Followed by an "oops, mommy, potty!" 5 minutes later under the dining room table, and an informative "oops, poo poo!" minutes after that. Grr, potty training, why must you be so elusive?

#1 HAND-ME-DOWN from Dixie
Never hand down the 3 years old's dress that she has outgrown to the 18 month old unless you are 100 % positive that she has no memory of ever wearing it herself.
Don't do this with any article of clothing for that matter. You will hear screams of "Mine" and wails of protest reverberate throughout the house, and after you remove the outgrown article of clothing to restore the peace, the 3 year old will insist on wearing the ill-fitting item for the next several days.

After running these by my review board (AKA, my friend Megan), Dixie and her hand-me-down dress faux pas won hands down. Thanks for the submissions, ladies!


Rhea said...

Cute entries and contest! Toddlers are hilarious. And exhausting. And wonderful! Enjoy this age!

I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been with it since the beginning, and it's been an amazing community of female bloggers. I've met some incredible women and read so many fun blogs. Glad to have you on board, SITSta!

AP said...

fun stuff!! stopping in to welcome you to SITS

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

LOL too cute! I have one that is outgrown his toddler age and another that is just entering...oh and a tween - all boys YIKES!

Welcome to SITS!!