Thursday, April 30, 2009

Toddler Faux Pas CONTEST!

1. If two toddlers are playing with an empty box, never, never, NEVER put a dinosaur in the box. All hell will break loose.
2. Don't assume that all balls are the same - you can't just replace one ball with another and expect your toddler not to notice.
3. Expect a meltdown if you are playing outside and decide to come inside. Inside sucks.

I've been dealing with an increasing number of toddler faux pas lately, so I thought I'd change the name/address of my blog to make it more descriptive. I could write a book on all of the toddler faux pas I've encountered over the last year or so - and it seems like it's getting worse the closer Killian gets to the big 2. Or is it only worse because I'm the big 30 approaching 31?!?

To kick off the new site, I'd like to have a little contest. Email your best toddler faux pas along with your name and email address to I'll send a $5 amazon gift card code to the winner and post their faux pas here, contest ends May 15th, 2009.


Mellissa said...

Ooohhh me likes the new name! I'll have to ponder the faux pas and come back...

Laureen said...

My toddler daughter has two older sisters. Consequently, I am not able to have much say in what she wears (at least not without a huge struggle and an unhappy child!). She sees her older sisters choosing their outfits every morning and insists on having the same privilege (or right?). My best bet is to pick out something other than what I wish she would wear and hope that she'll choose my (secret) preference in defiance. ;) She often ends up wearing mismatched clothes. Oh well!