Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Rant About Daycare, and Hooray K's 2! or vice versa...

Before I rant, let me apologize for not posting! It seems like now that K's 2, everything is a faux pas. It's been hard to tear myself away from putting him in timeout to post. Besides, sometimes I have no idea why he's upset, he's just freaking out like he needs an exorcism for no good reason. The good news is that along with the terribleness of twodom, we're also blessed with so many good things about this age. He talks (all the time) and we understand about 60% of it and can fill in the blanks of what we don't. He's getting so big (97th percentile) and is extremely handsome, if I do say so myself! He's great and wonderful (except for his crazy stinky feet) and healthy and we're so grateful for that!
Alright, on to my rant. Let me qualify this by saying that I am spending a ridiculous amount and accruing more debt than I care to acknowledge to send K to one of the best schools in the area. I can barely (actually, no, I can't) afford to pay the base tuition, and on top of that they tack on a bunch of fees and make me join a PTA group with dues, etc. So we are struggling with just getting him in there, let alone all the extra stuff we can purchase: before/after care, lunches, milk, etc., etc., etc. I try to be very conservative with the extra stuff, because we're broke as it is! When I registered him for summer school and went in to pay for it, they asked me IF I would like to purchase snow cones, and if so, how many (they're $1 each). I decided that he probably didn't need one every day and opted for 1 a week for the duration of the summer session. Today, I received a bill in the mail from his school with an itemized bill for $2. YES, $2. Apparently, they decided that he needed more than 5 DIXIE CUPS (that's right, tiny little paper dixie cups) full of flavored ice, so they've given him two extra already (they session is only half over) and they're sending me a BILL for TWO DOLLARS. I realize I'm being petty, but why couldn't they say "We're going to give your kid X amount of flavored ice whether you approve or not, so you owe us X amount, added to your already outrageous tuition and fees", instead of asking me how many I would like him to have? Now I'm not a crazy, prude of a mom who never lets her kid have any sweets, I just think they should be saved for semi-special occasions. Like, "Hooray, it's Friday - lets have snow cones!", not like, "Hey, we're trying to nickel and dime your mommy to death, so we're going to give you as many snow cones as we want!"

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It only gets better ... ha ha!